Handshake by someone switching careersThe COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, and it’s had a big impact on workers. Many people found themselves laid off or simply out of work when their workplaces were forced to close There are still 8 million fewer American workers than there were in February 2020. Some jobs might not come back, which has led many people to pivot careers. Here are some of the reasons why people are changing careers during the COVID-19 pandemic and some tips on how you can do this, too.


An unstable job market is a leading reason why people have been changing careers. Workers in the hospitality, tourism, hotel and restaurant industries were particularly hard-hit by job losses. Not wanting to deal with another job loss, many people who worked in those industries have spent their period of unemployment taking classes or getting certified in something else, such as a career in technology or nursing.


Flexibility is another reason why people have been changing careers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working parents have had to deal with the closure of childcare centers and schools. They need jobs with flexible hours, work locations or the ability to work from home. People may also need this flexibility even if they’re not parents. They may be caring for their own parents or spouses and need a work-from-home job.

Make a Change

Before quitting your job, make sure you know why you’re doing it. Many people find success in accepting a part-time job in the new career while still keeping a foot in their old career. If you’re ready to make the jump with both feet, it’s a good idea to have some income set aside and to brush up your resume.

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