Recruiting Office Positions For Phoenix

Accurate Placement Can Help Staff Your Next Office Administrative Position

Administrative positions availableIf you’re looking to add an administrative position to your company — either long-term or during an employee’s leave of absence, we can help place the perfect candidate for you! We have been recruiting administrative/executive assistants, receptionists, office managers, office clerks and more since 1996 in the Phoenix area. We take pride in finding the right candidate with the proper skill set to fit your business.

Here are just a few of the advantages you will receive when working with Accurate Placement:

  • Lower overall recruitment costs by saving you valuable candidate screening time and job posting costs during the hiring process
  • Experienced recruiters with access to numerous job sites and social media outlets
  • Access to Accurate Placement’s extensive talent pool
  • Employees you can count on for the long term or bridging gaps in employment
  • Vetted employees with skill sets that are specific to your company’s needs

There is no better place to find your next office employee whether it is your administrative or executive assistant, office manager, receptionist, accounting staff, customer service agent or any of your other office hiring needs.

Office Staffing and Recruitment

Whether you need to hire temporary positions or direct hire positions, you can get the help that you need here. We fill temporary positions during your time of need. Whether the position is to replace an employee that is on vacation, maternity leave or taking a leave of absence, we can quickly find a solution for your office position. If you need to fill a job soon, give us a call today to get started!

Here are just a few of the structures that you can rely on when you use our staffing and recruiting services.

  • Direct Hire – We recruit only the best, and provide qualified candidates from which you select those you wish to interview. There is no obligation to interview or hire our candidates and there is no fee until you hire one of our candidates.
  • Temporary Positions – This allows an alternative in covering vacation absences, maternity leaves and peak production times so you can maintain a high level of productivity while keeping your hiring costs to a minimum. As the employer of record, and we cover Everify and I9 requirements, ACA health insurance costs, Arizona mandatory Paid Sick Time, W2 processing, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance costs, worker’s compensation insurance, and payroll processing time and costs including direct deposits.
  • Temporary To Hire – You choose from our qualified candidates and the selected candidate is hired on our payroll while you evaluate them first hand before making the critical decision to hire. We are the employer of record during the temp-to-hire period.
  • Payrolling – Positions us as the employer of record while you and the candidate you recruited determine your long-range compatibility.
  • Testing- We offer testing for a nominal fee using state-of-the-art testing modules from IBM ProveIt. You can send your prospective candidates to us for testing or testing can be done via the Internet at a site of your choosing. We have access to hundreds of tests that include Behavioral and Skills testing.

Let Accurate Placement located in Phoenix, AZ help you find the right administrative support that your business needs. If you are struggling to find candidates or if you are a candidate searching for a new opportunity, we can be of assistance. We understand the struggles of staff shortages or needing the extra help within your business, and we thrive on helping your business grow. Let us help, call us today!

If you are a job seeker, we are here to help!

When you need help searching for a new job, we can be a valuable resource for your next new position! If you are between jobs, or are in transition, we could help bridge the gap for things like an upcoming move out of the area, waiting for a new job to start, or you need work while going to school. Call us today about finding your next temporary placement or direct hire placement.

Hand ShakeWe may have your next office position! Here are some of the office positions that we offer:

  • Government Positions
  • Accounting Positions
  • Human Resources Positions
  • Office Management
  • Office Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Secretary Positions
  • Executive Assistant
  • Executive Support
  • Receptionist Positions
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Front Office Positions
  • Clerical Positions
  • And more!

Please check our Career Center today for a real-time listing of our positions where you can create an account apply for our openings!