Growing a business requires employees who are well-suited to their positions and fit your company’s culture well. A low-risk solution to add staff is by working with a recruiting agency. An experienced recruiter will identify qualified candidates for the roles you need to fill.

What Makes a Good Recruiter?

When working with a recruiter, you want someone who understands what you are looking for in an employee. Whether you already have a job description drawn up or are looking for help crafting this document, a recruiter is a valuable asset. They can distill the information you give them and identify the ideal candidate for the job.

Communication Is Key

A recruiter can handle many staffing issues for your company. Every business has different needs, so your recruiter must be flexible and willing to work with you to find the best staffing solution for your company.

Services Provided by a Recruiter

A full-service recruiting agency will offer recruiting for permanent placement, temporary staffing, temporary-to-hire, and more. For example, many offer consulting. Consulting, billed hourly, provides services regarding onboarding, hiring, creating job descriptions, employee relations, and terminations.

Recruiters are also a good resource for testing services. Whether you are interested in skills or behavioral testing, a full-service recruiting agency can help. Finally, recruiting agencies offer payroll services, handling the payment process for candidates who are on temporary to permanent assignments.

Working with a recruiter allows you to hire for positions that can otherwise be challenging to fill. An experienced recruiter will know of qualified candidates for these positions. They also reduce the time and energy your staff spends on staffing issues.

When you are ready to fill positions within your company, Accurate Placement in Phoenix can help. We have been placing candidates in a range of industries since 1996, and we look forward to finding the perfect candidate for your company as well. Our team provides employers with a variety of staffing and recruiting solutions, including employee screening and testing. We also help connect people with jobs that fit their skills. Contact us today for more information.