What questions should you ask during your interview?

This is possibly a question lingering in your mind as you prepare for an upcoming event. At the tail end of the interview, your interviewer will give you a chance to ask a few questions. The daunting task is to know the questions to ask and those not to ask when given this opportunity. Let’s look at five smart questions that you may ask your potential employers during a job interview in Phoenix, AZ.

Best Questions to Ask During an Interview

1. Can You Tell Me More About the Functions of This Role?

Before attending an interview, you must read and understand the requirements of the position. However, asking this question depicts a more profound sense of interest in the job. Try to highlight the functions you already know about, and allow the interview panelists to add to the list.

2. Which Qualities Should One Possess to Succeed in the Role?

Pose this question to the manager, supervisor or head of the department sitting in the panel. The answer will help you find success in the job.

3. What Critical Contribution Can I Make in My Role Within My First Three Months of

Asking this showcases your ability and passion to contribute positively to the organization. It also portrays your confidence and readiness to work.

4. What Is the Most Challenging Aspect of This Role?

There is no job without its fair share of challenges. Knowing the not-so-good side of the role will enable you to discover whether you are fit for the challenge or not.

5. What Do You Consider the Most Significant Opportunity for the Organization

This question demonstrates your desire to enhance the progress of the organization. It will help you understand the company’s short-term focus and your role in moving the business forward.

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