According to a 2019 survey jointly conducted in the United States by several foundations, less than half of respondents reported having good jobs. As long as you aren’t within a few years of retiring, it’s never too late to pursue your ideal career. These insights should help you narrow down your career of choice.

Ask Local Professionals If You Can Shadow Them

Although you won’t get paid job shadowing, there’s no better way to determine whether a particular career fits you or not. Accurate Placement of Phoenix, AZ, could help you find local professionals who’re willing to let you shadow them.

Whether you’ve got zero or 100 career ideas, job shadowing is a solid use of your time. To find job-shadowing opportunities, consider leveraging your network to find professionals who’ll let you shadow them. If this doesn’t work, don’t worry! Cold calling is a surprisingly effective means of finding these chances.

Always Get Hands-on Experience Before Attending College

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than two-thirds of Americans immediately enroll in college after graduating from high school. Although statistics aren’t clear on the issue, countless young Americans enroll in college before knowing precisely how they’ll use their degrees.

Without question, having a bachelor’s degree is better than not having one. However, don’t attend college without getting hands-on experience in the field you hope to work in after graduation. The more you expose yourself to a career path before committing to it, the happier you’ll end up being.

Thoroughly Investigate Your Interests

Write down a list of your hobbies, activities and interests. Keep this list out and in the open for at least a month, revisiting it daily to jot down any interests that later come to mind.

Look for overlap between all or some of your interests. Although this strategy might seem backward, it’s quite the opposite. By finding careers that actively utilize the things you’re interested in, you’re more likely to find a fitting work path.

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