Finding a job in Phoenix, Arizona isn’t a tremendous challenge. There are always companies seeking assistance. However, finding the right job and keeping it takes far more finesse. This is especially true if you haven’t yet mastered good office etiquette. Following is everything you need to know about consistently making the right impression on hiring managers, colleagues, clients, and more.

Leave Your Personal Life at Home

While it’s perfectly acceptable to decorate your cubicle or desk with photos of your loved ones, there’s a limit to sharing details about your family, your outside activities, and any personal problems you’re currently experiencing. Even with understanding colleagues and a number of close “work friends,” it’s important to avoid discussing the details of things like divorce, custody battles, debt, and more. You also want to avoid having personal phone conversations while you’re on company time.

Separating your work life from your personal life also means reserving discussions about hot-button topics like religion and politics for your own inner circle. When you’re at work, talk about work and work-related activities, events, and opportunities. If you have things happening in your life that are affecting your ability to focus on or do your job, reach out to the Human Resources (HR) department. There may be support services or other resources that the HR team can connect you with.

Avoid Office Gossip

Never start or engage in office gossip. Word gets around, and you certainly don’t want to be the person who’s credited for sharing it. Although complaining about management, managerial practices, or other aspects of the company can be tempting, there are better ways to voice your opinion when you’re truly interested in inciting change. If other team members start gossiping, excuse yourself from the conversation and focus on your work instead.

Keep All of Your Communications Professional

Although email is just as instant and easy as texting, the emails that you send at work should never resemble the casual text messages that you send to family members and friends via your mobile phone. Don’t use emojis, text abbreviations, or alternative word spellings. Each of your email transmissions should be as well-crafted as standard written correspondence to colleagues. Set up your work email account to apply a signature that includes your full name, title, preferred pronouns, and contact information. Also, unless responding to everyone is absolutely necessary, avoid hitting the “Reply All” button when replying to group messages.

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