A solid, detailed resume could help someone land an interview. Don’t overlook a cover letter’s value, though. A cover letter provides an introduction that might “hook” the person reading it. Creating a well-written cover letter is a must.

How to Write a Cover Letter

Provide a Solid Open

A cover letter’s first paragraph should convey essential information and lack ambiguity. Generic info that merely states the writer’s name and interest in the job may feel bland. Rather, writing something like, “As an award-winning assistant coach of a high school wrestling team, I’d appreciate the chance to bring my skills to the fitness center as a personal trainer,” might grab people’s attention.

Avoid Boring Language

Although a cover letter benefits from brevity and clarity, the prose shouldn’t come off as dull. Using passive tense or repeating the same nouns and verbs over and over may deliver a flat letter. Strong, impacting language may work much better. Reading examples of outstanding cover letters could provide insights into the best language to employ.

Tailor the Cover Letter

Cutting and pasting the same cover letter and sending it to 10 different would-be employers might reflect 10 missed opportunities. Writing a cover letter specifically tailored for a particular company could prove more captivating. An originally composed cover letter that demonstrates an understanding of the company will stand out. Applicants may discover putting effort into researching a particular company could lead to learning details that find their way into the cover letter.

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Proofread and Edit

Reading, rereading, and revising a cover letter is critical. Unfortunately, some job seekers may rush the process and not review their cover letters. Typos, errors, and omissions may never receive a fix, and the cover letter will do more damage than good.

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