For many new-job candidates, companies will conduct a video call interview before doing an in-person interview. Hiring managers can save money and see more candidates by conducting interviews in this way. Here are some ways you can stand out in a video call interview.

Prepare Your Space

You should find a quiet spot to do your video call interview where you won’t be interrupted. You want to appear professional, so make sure the room is clean and free of clutter. The wall behind you shouldn’t have posters or other distracting things on it.

Do Your Research

Just like an in-person interview, you should perform research on the company you are applying to. Find out about the position you are applying for, the work culture, your potential boss and anything else that can help you become knowledgeable about the business. The hiring manager can see you and will know if you came to the interview unprepared.

Prepare Answers

You want to sound natural when answering questions, so practice your answers beforehand. You won’t sound natural if you’re reading answers you wrote off your screen. Think about your answers to behavior-based questions in general rather than trying to anticipate exactly what questions will be asked.

Be Personable

It goes without saying that you need to be professional during a video call interview. You also want to be personable, which can be more difficult than when you’re in the same room as the hiring manager. Make eye contact with them and smile when appropriate. You want the hiring manager to see your personality shine through.

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