Offering a virtual working environment allows you to open up your pool of available candidates tremendously. However, with a virtual environment, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re providing consistent team-building activities. If you’ve never conducted one before in a virtual setting, here are some tips for success.

Make These Activities Quick

One of the most important things to keep in mind, when planning a virtual team building activity for your employees, is that it needs to be fairly quick. No one wants to spend hours dedicated to performing this activity when they know they have other work to do. Aim for team building sessions that last up to an hour.

Pick a Platform and Test It

Another must for a successful virtual team building activity is a great communications platform. There are an abundance of platforms out there, such as Zoom, where all your employees can meet up in a video session. Try to choose a platform that allows instant chat boxes and image sharing.

More importantly, you want to ensure that each team member has your desired platform downloaded and tested prior to any team building session. No one likes wasting their time while other employees try to get their computers to work.

Pick a Fun and Ice-Breaking Activity

When your team is comprised of mostly virtual employees, it’s likely that many of them have never really met in person. The goal of any great virtual team building activity should be to break the ice between employees and have a fun and entertaining time together. These activities can be a source of joy and laughter, creating a positive and engaging work environment. When employees feel like they know each other better, they become more open to streams of communication and working together.

Ice-Breaking activities are great for onboarding employees too, learn more about that here!

Expert Team Building Service

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