Job and salary negotiations can be complicated and difficult. You want the salary you deserve but don’t want to make a bad impression on the company. Keep these essential tips in mind when negotiating your new salary.

Support Your Proposal

While being personable can give you a leg up at the table, you still need to back up why you deserve a higher salary. Highlight your achievements and what makes you a significant asset to the company. Thoroughly prepare your proposal to avoid coming across as arrogant or pushy. How you deliver your proposal is just as important as the proposal itself.

Avoid Ultimatums

Ultimatums on either side of the table can make negotiations tense. Avoid making any ultimatums yourself and resist addressing any made by your employer. Ultimatums are often put forth to encourage a quick resolution, which can back you into a corner. By ignoring ultimatums, you make it easier for your employer to let them go in the future. Always look for further avenues of discussion until all of your options are exhausted.

Consider Timing and Restraints

It’s possible your new place of work may not be able to offer more when you first try negotiating your salary. Some companies may have limited salary options but offer various other benefits like vacation time or sign-on bonuses. Evaluate the job as a whole to determine its overall professional worth. You may be able to negotiate a better salary further in the future. Determine if the position is beneficial enough to your professional growth to wait for future negotiation opportunities.

Trust the Experts

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