Whether you need to bring a new hire up to speed or it’s necessary to deliver critical information to hundreds of workers who have been at your company for a while, effective communication is essential to the operation of your business. However, many managers and CEOs in have a tough time communicating effectively with their employees. Use these tips to ensure that the information you provide to your team is clear, concise, and consistent.

Deliver a Consistent Message

All managers, supervisors, and administrators at your company need to deliver a consistent message to employees. You’ll create confusion and encourage chaos if different members of leadership provide conflicting or confusing information. Get on the same page with each other, and coordinate the message before it’s delivered to employees.

Provide Information Orally and in Writing

It’s inevitable that someone will miss a meeting, fail to read an email or fail to pay attention to an announcement. That’s why you should provide communication both in writing and orally. In fact, important information should be provided in multiple ways. Verify that the employees received the information. That might involve having them reply to an email, sign a form, or verbally acknowledge their receipt of the message.

Use Tone and Language the Employees Understand

Avoid talking down to your employees, which can make them feel disconnected. Also, you shouldn’t use jargon or wordy language that employees won’t understand or could misunderstand. Furthermore, you should pay attention to your tone. A condescending, angry, or frustrated tone could detract from the information you want to communicate to your workers. When delivering more than one piece of information, stop after each piece. Ask if anyone has questions to enhance clarification.

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