Someone leaving your team is always a challenge, but it can also be an incredible way to learn and further grow your company. When they happen, exit interviews often become a check on the daily list of things to do but seldom yield anything productive because the person exiting is guarded. Here are some tips for how to ask beneficial questions that may very well result in helpful insights for continuing to improve your organization.

Start at the Beginning

Start by talking about what brought them to the company in the first place. What was their goal when they came, and did they find your company was a place to help them achieve it? Starting here oftentimes helps break down initial barriers and expectations of a typical exit interview.

What Did They Accomplish?

Next, ask them about what they accomplished while they were with the company. This helps frame their mind about the positive things they experienced while working with you.

Frequently, exit interviews focus too much on what went wrong or what could have been different to possibly avoid the person leaving. The deal is done at this point, and those answers will come from the next question.

What Obstacles Did They Face?

As they’re talking about their accomplishments, ask them about the obstacles they faced. This could be things that made achieving their accomplishments more difficult. It could also be something related to hitting their initial goals.

What Would They Look For?

Finally, ask them about what qualifications they would look for in their replacement. This helps them think about the company moving on but gives them the opportunity to improve it. Along with qualifications, you may also ask about characteristics that would help make someone on the team successful.

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