Employees are the most important asset any company has. Encouraging them to have a healthy lifestyle benefits them and your company. It reduces sick leave, increases productivity and reduces workplace accidents. Here are some ways you can encourage your employees to live healthier.

Focus on Prevention

Preventing health issues is easier and cheaper than curing them. You should have a doctor visit your workplace and share information with your employees. You can arrange a flu vaccination visit by a healthcare professional. Some health insurance plans offer rebates and other incentives if you offer preventative services.

Encourage Healthier Diets

A healthy diet can prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes. Employees eating unhealthy diets are less productive than ones that eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Consider having a fruit bowl from which employees can grab free produce. When you have a team meeting, buy healthy lunches and snacks for the participants.

Encourage Employees to Exercise

Employees should be encouraged to exercise. This needn’t cost them much if any money. You can hold walking meetings, for example. If your business is near public transportation, provide a monthly allowance to pay for it. You can create and fund an employee sports team. You could also encourage employees to take part in fun runs and other charitable events or install a bike rack outside your company’s front door.

Provide a Good Work-Life Balance

People without good work-life balance are stressed and tired. This results in more sickness and a weakened immune system. It’s also counterproductive as people are much less industrious when they spend excess time working.

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