The recession of the 2010s ushered in a job market that has shed many unskilled jobs. Those unskilled jobs haven’t come back in the same numbers that existed prior to 2009. Instead, the market has found ways to eliminate the need for them and replace them with higher-skilled opportunities. The result is the demand for educated and skilled workers is greater than ever before, while the demand for unskilled workers is flat. Here are some reasons you need a college degree to be successful with your career.

Shortage of Skilled Workers

Unskilled workers are in a difficult position in many professions because they lack the education required by many job openings. In order to advance in the current job market, they need to gain the knowledge and skills that the labor market needs most. Otherwise, they’ll continue to compete with other unskilled workers for a dwindling number of jobs.
How much of a shortage of skilled workers is there? Job market experts estimate that 67% of open positions in 2020 will require some level of college education. The workforce can’t fill all these positions because only about 40% of workers have degrees. As a result, employers are competing to hire skilled workers who are available.

Skills Gained With a Degree

College degrees give you more than just knowledge; you also gain important professional skills, some of which will advance your career throughout your life. When you choose a college degree to study, you can focus on a profession or job category. For example, you can study to be a radiology technician in a nursing program.
As you progress through a college degree, you’ll learn the primary skills that are needed for the job market you want to enter. You’ll also learn about different opportunities within the same profession, some of which you may not have known about when you began.

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