Getting feedback from your high-quality employees is an effective way to lower your turnover rates and improve your organization. Adding interview questions during your offboarding process helps you hear candid experiences that will give you valuable insight into your current workforce. These interview questions are most helpful with cooperative people who are resigning voluntarily.

1. Why Did You Start Looking for Different Employment?

The answer to this question can vary widely and range from personal reasons to financial issues. However, it can also give you an idea if the person was struggling with interior conflicts like a lack of career advancement opportunities. If your former employee found better wages elsewhere, it could be time to update your salaries and bonus plans.

2. Did Your Job Description Change During Your Time Here?

It’s natural for some duties to evolve over time, but this change can be easy for upper management to miss. When your employees point out discrepancies, you should update the position description and decide if restaffing is the better option.

3. What Was the Best Part of Your Job?

The more interviews you do, the more likely you’ll start to notice a few themes. Your former employees may have enjoyed the telecommuting options or exceptional team atmosphere. Learning what makes your business shine gives you something to advertise on your website and emphasize in future interviews.

4. What Can Our Company Improve?

This is a great way to see if the person leaving has any lingering suggestions they haven’t yet had an opportunity to make. You can also inquire about specific topics like your salary packages, equity programs, and project requirements.

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