In your job interview, prospective employers will be evaluating you on many levels from the answers you give to interview questions, to your demeanor, appearance, eye contact and attitude. Here are a few helpful tips that might help you land your perfect job!

Interview Arrival Time
Arrive 5-7 minutes early and leave 20 minutes early to anticipate unexpected delays.

Interview Attitude
Maintain a friendly demeanor. Be gracious and respectful to everyone you meet, including the front office staff and others you may meet besides the interviewer.

Eye Contact
Be sure to keep your gaze on the interviewer to indicate your enthusiasm, confidence and interest in the company and position. Be sure to break the gaze appropriately, and do not stare.

Etiquette & Body Language
Take a seat after the interviewer offers you a chair. Leave your cell phone in your purse or pocket and be sure it is on silent. Do not take drinks with you. Avoid pencil tapping, pen clicking, foot swinging, and other nervous habits.

Personal Information
It is best to limit the amount of personal information you share, unless it may be applicable to the job or organization. Keep it simple and there is typically no need to bring up personal information, religious affiliation or political beliefs.

Past Employment
Be prepared to answer questions about why you left your previous positions. Do not speak negatively about former employers, their management style, or financial status. It is best to keep it brief and not talk too much or go into a great amount of detail. Most employers are happy with a fairly short answer.

Strengths and weaknesses
Be ready to provide answers to both your strengths and weaknesses. Try to make the weakness into a positive.

Be Prepared to Ask Questions
Be prepared to ask a few questions such as:
What is the most important criteria for this job?
Can you go over what a typical work day will be like for me?

Show interest
Let the potential employer know you are interested in the position, and be sure to thank the Interviewer for their time.

75%– 80% of all hiring decisions are based on personality, so smile and be enthusiastic!