woman smilingLanding an interview for a job is a big deal. The people bringing you in for an interview are likely highly interested. The deal isn’t closed, though. You have to perform well in the interview. Here are some tips for improving your interview body language, an overlooked way of getting extra points.

Start When Walking Into the Room

Displaying proper body language doesn’t start when you sit in the chair. Walk into the room with good posture and your head held high. Don’t slouch. Look positive and confident but not cocky. Confident people come off as capable persons, which is a good trait for a prospective job seeker to possess. Accurate Placement can help those interested in landing an interview. Our employment agency has filled management, government, and other types of jobs in the Phoenix area since 1996.

Sit the Proper Way

The interview will doubtfully take place standing. You’ll end up sitting in the chair in front of the interviewer. Just as you don’t slouch when walking, sit up straight in the chair. Slouching, leaning, and other lazy behaviors won’t speak well. Crossing your legs during an interview is a horrible idea. You’ll come off as arrogant in doing so. Keep your feet on the floor at all times.

Don’t Fidget or Wiggle

Fidgeting in the chair undermines positive impressions. You can come off as nervous, anxious, bored, or worse. Again, you want to display yourself as confident and in control. Fidgeting ruins any attempts at giving off the right vibe.

Focus Your Eyes and Use the Right Facial Expressions

Don’t let your eyes wander as this can seem like you’re uninterested. Keep your eyes on the interviewer, but don’t stare. Move your eyes away at the right time and focus on the interviewer at crucial points.
Also, be sure to present the right facial expressions. Look serious when you should, and smile when doing so makes sense.

If you want inside help with landing a new job, call Accurate Placement in Phoenix. Our placement specialists may be able to help you today.