An interview lets you determine whether a person is the right fit for your company and allows you to build a rapport with them. This can be a nerve-wracking experience for both interviewer and interviewee, and the applicant may not perform to their best because of nervousness. Here are some tips on how to put

1. A Little Introduction

It would help if you started by introducing them to the company, for example, the company’s ethos and something about yourself. This can help set the candidate at ease and give breathing space to collect their thoughts.

2. Don’t Swamp the Applicant with Questions

When you flood the candidate with questions, it can seem like an interrogation that will put them off and make them feel uncomfortable. It would be best if you start with a few brief questions and build up from there. Ensure you give them time to answer. This will make the candidate more relaxed and help them feel as if they are being heard and understood.

3. Keep Trick Questions to a Minimum

Ensure you do not fall into the trap of getting carried away and asking too many trick questions. They can make the candidate feel that you are trying to be unfair. This will only have them unsure rather than help them to relax.

4. Smile

It is a natural human instinct to react better to someone smiling at them. If you are smiling, it will make the applicant more relaxed, so they will be more forthcoming with their answers.

5. Thoroughly Consider the Location of the Interview

Think about the location of the interview and ask yourself if it will put the candidate at ease. Ensure good lighting as bad room lighting makes them uncomfortable and affects their performance. The applicant will want to feel valued and appreciated, so make sure you choose a room that will impress them. Ensure the room is also at the right temperature to keep the candidate comfortable and avoid being overly cold.

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