When you think about business, social media is a relatively new invention. But it’s absolutely critical for a company to be successful. Twenty years ago social media policies didn’t exist, but now they’re considered part of running a company.

Here are five reasons why your company needs a social media policy for its employees.

1. Clearly defined rules
Whether you have a social media manager or multiple employees have access to accounts, a social media policy will provide clearly defined rules for how those employees should use your company’s social media accounts and how they should respond when engaging with others.

2. Consistency
Just the very nature of social media lends itself to employees bringing in their own personalities. If more than one person has access to social media accounts, rules for consistency will ensure that posts are written and done in the same way each time, regardless of who is behind the screen. This helps build your company’s online personality and your brand.

3. Sets Expectations for Employees
Social media policies also outline how employees should expect to conduct themselves on their own social media platforms, along with any consequences for violating those policies. These policies can prevent embarrassing events that can harm a company’s reputation, but it can also give employees the power to use their social media accounts to achieve business goals.

4. Increase Productivity
By setting clear guidelines as to how employees can use and access social media during the workday, you can help increase employee productivity. Additionally, your policy can outline how employees use company social media accounts productively and for the benefit of the company.

5. Defines Confidential Material
A social media policy will clearly outline what material is considered confidential and should not be released either on a company social media platform or an employee’s. The policy should also outline the consequences for releasing this information.

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