When employers think about providing perks to their employees, they often pull back after considering the overall cost. This is mainly because an average employer has between 20 and 40 employees. However, there are quite a few inexpensive perks that you can offer your employees.

1. Buy Them Coffee

One inexpensive perk that you can give your employees is coffee. Every employee likes free coffee, especially if the job involves coming in very early in the morning. It is important, though, to have a few different types of coffee and all the extra sugar and creamers that are needed.

2. Monthly Prizes for Performance

Awarding your top-performing employees each month is another inexpensive route to take. You can purchase two or four $25 gift cards from a popular retail store or fast-food restaurant. The employees with the top ratings for that month will receive one, and this will light a fire in all of the other employees to work just as hard in order to win a gift card the following month.

3. Comp Time

Comp time is another terrific perk that costs nothing at all to the employer. Suppose a few employees stay 10 minutes late every day because the workplace is behind. After a few weeks, the employees will have a few hours banked and will be able to leave half a day. Or you can reward employees by giving the top performers an extra 15 minutes for lunch or letting them leave 15 minutes early one day.

4. New Titles and Responsibilities

Giving your employees raises will cost your company money, but providing your top performers with small raises and more impressive titles could go a long way. Giving employees new responsibilities to go with these titles will not only help to get the company workload handled more efficiently, but it can also help your employees grow into capable professionals who care about their company. Employees who are invested in their job do better work; it’s that simple.

5. Birthday Lunches

Celebrate each employee’s birthday. Buy the whole crew pizza, order out for Thai, or bring everyone sandwiches. Employees appreciate the recognition and feeling like their employers care about them.

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