Employees are integral to any business, and employee turnover can disrupt operations. When an employee leaves, employers can take steps to assess the situation and respond appropriately. Here are four tips on how to do just that.

1. Identify the Reason for the Turnover

Before taking action, employers need a better understanding of why the employee left. Better job opportunities, a lack of career advancement, and improved professional development opportunities are often cited as reasons for leaving, but there are many. When you know why your employees have left, you can take steps to prevent or reduce the risk of such situations in the future. You can ask your employee directly, which can give you helpful insights, but you can also reach out to their former co-workers and supervisors. For example, if the employee left due to insufficient career advancement opportunities, you can focus on succession planning and improved training.

2. Hold an Exit Interview

An exit interview is a chance to have an open dialogue with the employee before they leave. Ask questions about their experience working for the company and what improvements could be made. You can ask them if they experienced particular frustrations or if they would recommend the job to a friend. You can then transform the data you glean into actionable insights.

3. Reassess the Role

When employees leave due to an inability to advance in their careers, you might need to reassess the role and determine if the responsibilities, growth opportunities, and compensation are all clearly outlined and defined. Employees should not only understand what the job entails but also have clear paths to advancement.

4. Onboard a Replacement

After an employee leaves the organization, you will need to onboard their replacement as soon as possible. Take the time to review the role and consider whether you need additional staff or if the responsibilities can be redistributed among existing employees. If you need to replace them, work closely with HR to ensure a smooth onboarding process and ensure the new employee is well-trained.

Employee turnover can be disruptive to your business, but a prompt and appropriate response can help you stay productive and keep employee morale high. Accurate Placement is a full-service employment agency that can help with employee recruiting, testing, screening, interviewing, onboarding, payrolling, and provide guidance throughout the process. We are located in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Accurate Placement today to learn how we can help.