In a tight labor market, finding the top talent in Phoenix, AZ is no easy feat. Unfortunately, it becomes ever more challenging when you use the wrong platforms to host your job listings. If your open positions are sandwiched between recognizable scams, they can harm your company’s reputation and overall appeal. Here are three reasons why.

1. You May Be Considered Guilty by Association

Sadly, many online job boards are rife with:

  • Pyramid schemes
  • Solicitations to buy remote work equipment
  • Businesses using fake URLs and names
  • Phishing scams

These and other ill-intentioned listings are a natural consequence of letting the public post employment offers and respond to them.

Placing your listings among potential scams sheds a negative light on your business. If someone sees your company near obvious efforts to steal personal information or money, you could be deemed guilty by association. Prospective employees respect companies that make every effort to protect their interests, and these efforts must start even before the hiring process begins.

2. The People You Want Aren’t Where You Are

Your search for savvy problem-solvers won’t end well if it starts on a platform that’s rife with trickery. Skilled professionals aren’t going to waste their time sifting through potentially harmful listings. If you want employees who are adept at managing their time and resources and avoiding unnecessary problems, you can’t find them in a sea of scam offers.

3. You’re Being Included in Negative Online Conversations

Pay attention to the online feedback professionals are posting about scam-infested job boards. In many reviews, they’re referencing the companies present on these platforms by name. Thus, even if your job offers are legitimate, there’s a good chance that someone has a negative impression about your business and where you’ve chosen to list it.

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