For 20 years, LinkedIn has been the go-to online platform for job seekers and employers. It offers a place for employees to search for new jobs, read industry news, and catch up with former colleagues. For employers, the platform provides options for locating and recruiting top talent, watching competitors, and increasing their brand’s visibility. When you’re setting up a LinkedIn page, be sure to follow these best practices.

1. Keep Your Page Updated

Many companies set up a LinkedIn page, but then they never touch it again. Set a schedule to check your company’s LinkedIn page, and make updates to essential pieces of information anytime something changes. For example, if your business no longer opens on Sundays, you’ll want to change your hours. If you now offer online services, be sure to include that on your LinkedIn page. Keep your images updated, too. If you’ve changed your logo, storefront location, or signage, your page should reflect those updates.

2. Share or Create Relevant Content

Regularly creating and posting original content about your niche, team, and company keeps your LinkedIn page interesting. It will also help with your search engine results. Vary the types and lengths of the content you create. When appropriate and with permission, share or link to other resources that would be of interest to prospective candidates. For example, if you’re in the fabric business, you might share content about a new type of enzyme cleaner that customers could use on your fabrics.

3. Customize Your Page

Make your page as unique as your company. Using a cookie-cutter layout will bore your visitors. Customizing your page sets your company apart from the others in your industry. It’s especially important to customize the call to action you place on each page.