Employees play a significant role in the smooth running of companies and their success. Here are a few ways to show appreciation to them.

1. Give Financial Incentives

Nothing spells appreciation like that monthly, quarterly or yearly bonus. You can make employees feel appreciated by rewarding their effort with a financial incentive to help them meet their needs.

2. Recognize Them During Team Meetings

A simple recognition during team meetings can go a long way toward helping someone feel appreciated. Remember to be specific in your praise and identify what they did that was outstanding.

3. Say Thank You

Take your time to thank a team member for a problem they solved or for hitting hard deadlines. A simple thank you for handing in the reports in time will go a long way toward motivating someone.

4. Reward Them With Personalized Gifts

A personalized gift with the name or something personal to the person will make them feel special. Personalized gifts also make the employee see the effort you took in appreciating them.

5. Provide Flexible Work Hours

If you notice team members good work but know that they may be struggling with their shifts, providing them with a flexible work schedule will not only make them feel appreciated but will make them more productive. For those in Phoenix, you can work with Accurate Placement to facilitate proper staffing. We can help ensure your employees get the hours that aid their productivity.

6. Provide Career Advancement Opportunities

Most employees are looking to grow in their career. A way of saying thank you to employees is to provide them with opportunities for growth through training and promotions.

7. Pay for Something of Their Interest Outside the Office

Identifying something team members are interested in and paying for those items is a good way to make them feel appreciated. For example, if they love fitness, paying for their gym membership would be a good gesture.

8. Give a Voucher for a Restaurant They Love

Nothing spells care like food. You can say thank you by giving employees a voucher code to restaurants they would love.

9. Give Them a Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are an easy way to make people feel heard and loved. Identify what they love, whether it’s sweet treats or body essentials, and make them feel special.

10. Offer Extended Vacation Times

Employees would love to spend time with their loved ones and relax. Giving them an extended vacation will see them come back to work rejuvenated and performing better.

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