While it can mean somewhat different things to different work teams, the term “onboarding” refers to the process of integrating a new hire into a company and its culture. Organizations that understand the importance of effective onboarding know that the process extends beyond an employee’s first day to several months and even up to a year after a person is hired. The following provides a quick look at some best practices for new hire onboarding.

Get Started Before the Candidate’s First Day

The onboarding process should begin before an employee even arrives for their first day of work. It’s important to make sure that your new hire has everything needed to be productive immediately. Things to get ready include security logins and badges, computers and work desks, and any paperwork that needs to be filled out.

Provide Support on the First Day and Beyond

After an employee begins working, they need to have the support needed to be successful. Be sure that they have access to materials such as employee handbooks and policy manuals. Scheduling an orientation meeting and time for the new hire to meet their colleagues and supervisors is also important. Some companies even assign new hires a peer “buddy” to help show them the ropes during their first days and weeks.

Continue Working to Build a Healthy Employment Relationship

Even after your new hire has settled into their role and the company culture, you must continue to support them and foster a positive relationship. Conducting regular one-on-one meetings to check in with the employee can help managers address concerns and show that support is available.

It’s also important to continue providing opportunities for your new hires to connect with co-workers during lunches and team-building events. Giving employees the chance to interact outside of their roles helps foster feelings of belonging and inclusion, which can support employee retention well into the future.

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