As the new year begins, it’s time to refresh your recruitment strategies and bring new ideas to the table. With realistic and achievable goals along with a schedule to complete them, you can be on track to make 2022 the year of accomplishing amazing recruitment goals.

Hire Great Candidates Faster

From filling out the paperwork to working up the chain for approvals, the hiring process can drag on and discourage candidates from continuing the process. You’ve likely brought an affirmative answer to a great prospect in the past only to be notified they’ve found work at another company. Streamlining the hiring process and getting people into the position faster gives you better access to the best candidates on the market. The slower your company’s hiring process, the less likely you’ll hire the highest quality employees available.

Reduce Turnover Rate

Work within your company to determine accurate turnover rates. By having an idea of when employees will leave, you’ll have a better estimate as to when you’ll need to fill a newly open position. This planning should also be applied to new hire failure rates. Be proactive in your approach around the office to get a better understanding of the culture, employees’ career goals, and what could be happening to cause new hires to leave.

Improve Your Online Presence

An impressive online presence helps businesses garner the interest of better clients and more professional candidates. Employees want to work for a company known for its innovation. A company’s website and social media often directly influence whether a potential candidate will apply. A savvy online presence allows a company to impress and gain more notice overall.

Accurate Placement

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