If you are searching for a job, your resume is an essential tool that can help you stand out from other applicants. It showcases your experience, knowledge, and skills that make you a unique and perfect fit for your chosen career. Simply put, your resume is your most powerful job hunting tool. It can also be one of the most difficult pieces to write. One key question that puzzles many job seekers is resume length. Should it be one page or two?

The standard advice is that your resume should be one page. Many experts argue that recruiters have short attention spans and a large number of applicants. If your resume is too lengthy, it may get pushed aside and not given the attention it deserves. However, a two page resume might be acceptable, as long as it is succinct. Some applicants have more experience than can fit on one page. Just make sure that you aren’t padding your resume with irrelevant details. Keep it focused on the skills necessary for the job you are applying for.

Ultimately, although it is sometimes reasonable to have a two page resume, experts and recruiters agree that the best resumes are concise and clear. One tip to minimize the length of your resume and grab the attention of whomever is reading it, is to include what is known as a summary statement. Rather than writing a career objective, you should focus on a summary statement which spells out your specific skills and qualifications. Think of it as a summary of your qualifications. This will let hiring managers know up front your abilities and will make them more likely to read your resume carefully.

Additionally, your resume should always be chronological. Your most recent employment should be first and your oldest job last. In the education section your most recent degree or credential should be first followed by the older education experiences. Make sure you list bullet points of your responsibilities under each job and any awards or recognitions. Keep your bullet points short and to the point. Ideally you should not have more than 3-4 under each job or degree.

A final tip for keeping your resume short is to really think about what experience or education matters for the position you are applying for. Does a fortune 500 company care about that time you were a camp counselor in high school? Probably not. However if you are applying to be the director of a day care or after school program, it might be relevant. Tailor your resume to your audience.

Follow these tips to keep your resume short and get employers to notice you. Once you have your resume crafted, contact us for HR service in Phoenix or for help finding the ideal job for your skill set and experience.